Girls and Corpses Magazine Volume 10 Spring 2016

This audaciously awesome issue features: Lemmy of Motorhead's Last Published Interview!; Rob Zombie's 31; a 12 page original comic iRobitch written by Robert "Corpsy" Rhine and illustrated by John Howard; INFRAdead photography by Sid Graves; Sex with Hairplugs, Just Buried, HoneyDoom Six Feet Down Under, Posthumous Marriages and Coffin Births; Hearses to Die For; Corpsy's Last Ride; Dead Presidents; Relationships Can Be Torture, Sugar-Deadies Dating Site, Dead or Alive True Stories; His and Hearse, The Russian Stacking Doll Murderer; Extreme Suspension Ballet; Dead Men are A Girl's Best Friend, Frightful Flicks: Parasites, The Chair and All I Need. More Last Laughs, Amateur Corpse of the Month and killer comedy. Another sexy bone-chillingly funny issue to die for from Girls and Corpses Magazine!

Girls and Corpses Magazine Volume 10 Spring 2016
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