Girls and Corpses Magazine Volume 11 Summer 2017

THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING! THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING... to Girls and Corpses Magazine! Shot in a real 1961 bomb shelter, three HOT Russian beauties must use their wits, and firm young bodies, to survive in a bunker with a few good corpses and one putrid President. This mother of all issues will drop in August and destroy all other magazines. Our Summer cover is "top secret", but we're leaking it here just for PREVIEWS readers! Corpsy met with Russian 'officials' for months, which he is prepared to deny, to be as accurate as possible for this stunning Glasnost issue. This issue is filled with tons of sick humor and goes best with a cold stiff vodka. You'll be Russhing to order it and be Putin it on your shelves. So, can't we all "just get along"... and read Girls and Corpses?  Dasvidaniya
Girls and Corpses Magazine Volume 11 Summer 2017
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