Star Wars Jedi Legacy Trading Card Box

From Topps Company. This epic series tells the stories of the two greatest Jedi from the Star Wars saga - Anakin and Luke Skywalker! The base 90-card series tells each of their journeys. Plus: relic cards featuring swatches from the sail of Jabba's Sail Barge (1:14 boxes), Chewbacca's fur (1:30), or one of three Ewoks (Wicket, Logray or Teebo; 1:5); 20 different autographs; and four levels of parallels (Blue , 1 per pack; Magenta, 1:6; Green, 1:24; and Gold, 10 per card.) Look for a single, double or triple Film Cel card in each box, along with one autograph, relic, or printing plate card. Characters who had an impact on Anakin and/or Luke are featured in the Influencers subset (1:2; 9 cards total) and Connections (1:2; 15 cards total), while The Circle is Now Complete offers 12 die-cut cards that assemble into a circle. 8 cards per pack. 24 packs per box.

Star Wars Jedi Legacy Trading Card Box
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  • Manufacturer: Topps
  • Condition: New
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